Adventure Time Windows (part 1)

Boo Radley's one of Spokane's raddest mom-and-pop gift shops, hired me to paint a mural on their windows. So naturally I went with Adventure Time (Tiffany style). Window painting is quite tedious but I'm getting pretty good at if after the first couple days.  One more window set and possibly a door to paint...hence the part 1. 

You have to paint in reverse - outlines first.

You have to paint in reverse - outlines first.

The first two doors are finished!

The first two doors are finished!

Eye of the Tiger's Blood

A lady wrote me from Zooppa saying nice things about my work and that she thought I should try my hand at this Mike's Hard Lemonade art contest. There was only two days left which is crazy - and usually when I get emails from people on websites suggesting I do things I just pass right on by. But I do like challenges....and tigers and watermelons!! :)

From their website: "We are the world's largest source of user-generated advertising, committed to the vision of real people and leading brands working together."

Sounds pretty rad.

Also, $10,000 is an insanely large chunk of change...And then I read there will be three winners ($30,000) so even if there are hundreds of entries, I feel like I at least have a shot. Wish me luck! I could really use a new computer and car that semi-runs.  

Welcome to my blog...again.

Long ago I was a blogger but consistency was tough and growing up in a Catholic family I know a thing or two about guilt. It ate at me so I stopped. Then started over. Then stopped. Lately I've felt the need to document the little art things I randomly do all the time. I don't love Facebook and my IG is consumed with baby chicks and garden photos. I know, right?!!

So here it goes again, T-Pat blogger extraordinaire ...or blogger who just don't care. I'm over that. Welcome to my blog, again.

(Don't expect too much) ♥ ♥ ♥